• Michali Henig

Soforthilfe 2 application: my notes and impressions

This weekend was the time to apply for #Soforthilfe2. The application process was supposed to start on Friday, March 27th, at 12:00. Everyone were on it.

The application became available at 13:00. Then, we learned that we need to que: in order to have a functioning system, IBB came up with the idea of a queue: you get a number and wait. A bit before your turn, you get an email that informs you that you are up. Then, you are granted access to the application form and can fill it out.

I was very lucky to have received the number 1118 and spent my Friday afternoon waiting for my turn to arrive.

Honestly, I didnt give so much thought to the application itself, but I had to learn the forms since I gave a webinar about this topic on Saturday morning (yay, my first webinar!).

Since I decided that Corona-Crisis time will be my time to go out of my comfort zone, I also made a short video with explanations about the governmental aid available to freelancers and self employed people in Germany.

Since I do not have a tripod (yet!), I used the next best thing to stabalize my camera.

You can watch the video either on my facebook page or on my linkedin profile.

I was very happy to see that the funds have landed in my account this morning. I think this is pretty amazing: there was a little bit of research to be done, but then there was just a quick form to fill out, and the payment was done within less than 3 days, as promised by our government.

Additionally, this was also made possible to foreigners, so one can also apply for this type of benefits and receive them without losing their legal status in Germany. In a general decree published by the local immigration office in Berlin, it was stated that no one should go into an existantial crisis due to tis emergency ("Es soll niemand aufgrund der wirtschaftlichen Auswirkungen dieser Krise in existentielle Not geraten") I feel that many other countries would not think of their non-citizen-residents like Germany does.

Today I feel very lucky to live in a country that cares for its citizens and residents.

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