• Michali Henig

Berlin and COVID-19: what is still allowed in Berlin? Part 2/ April Edition

We live in a bizzare and interesting time. Regulations, restrictions and instructions are changed on a daily or weekly basis.

Just one week ago we tried learning Soforthilfe - and I must admit, there are still things that were not figured out (such as, under which conditions will we have to pay the funds back to the government?). Two weeks ago, we dealt with the quarantine and restrictions that the Berliner senat had decided upon. For the second time.

And now we received updated restrictions.

Which is a bit tricky, since spring is coming and people will want to leave their homes more often. Cherry blossom is also supposed to happen soon - one of my favourite places in Berlin is the cherry blossom stripe under the Bornholmer bridge: the trees were a present from Japan for the reunification. In normal times, I like to go there, enjoy the beautiful blossoming trees and feel some appreciation and gratitude.

One of the main points of dispute were the parks: yesterday, I heard on the news that the police demanded to close down all parks, since people do not keep distance from one another in the parks.

Yesterday, as I was walking down the street, I saw that this policy was already partally implemented.

So, the good news is, that our government decided that our behaviour is great, and therefore - the restrictions do not have to become harsher: Still, people are supposed to stay in their apartments. You may only leave your apartment if you have a specific reason to do so. Valid reasons are, for example, going to get groceries or products for daily use, or going to see the doctor.

Luckily, going out in order to get some fresh air or move (for example, jogging or taking walks) is still allowed. Not just that - now we are also allowed to take breaks on "permanently installed sitting-objects" such as benches - as long as we keep 1,5 meters distance from other people. Furthermore, sitting on a blanket on the grass is also allowed - as long as distance of at least 5 meters from other people is kept.

The new regulations also determine fines for breaking the rules. Those will be given both to private people and to business owners. You can see a nice infographic that explains this whole thing here.

Another cool thing is that we do not have to carry an ID with us anymore. Yay!

In order to make it easier to follow everything, I summarized the main regulation here for you:

Keep safe, stay healthy, and most importantly: stay at home!

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