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7 things I learnt in quarantine

As some of you know, I recently had to spend 14 days in quarantine, since I was exposed to a confirmed Corona - Patient. Even though I am mainly working from home in the past 9 months and reduce my contacts as possible (while balancing for my sanity), this was my first time of real quarantine. AKA: not being able to walk the dog.

Luckily, I did not catch Corona myself (woop woop!), so I feel like it wasn´t even that bad. But still, calling it an interesting experience will be an understatement.

In the past weeks, I hear of more and more people who have to quarantine, so I thought I should share the 7 most important and interesting lessons I learnt, maybe it will help someone else <3

Lesson #1: Communities rock! When you are isolated at your home, not being able to see people, getting some support from your friends and community really helps. I was immediately asked what I need and checked on daily. My friends and community sent me cute and funny pictures, and basically gave me the feeling that although I am isolated at my home and may not see people - I am not alone. This was extremely important for my well being. My more distant community came on my side with one of the most pressing matters: walking my dog. there are all those online platforms where you can hire a dog walker, but I wanted to hire someone with recommendations. I am letting this person walk my best friend, they should be remarkable themselves. So I posted my question on Facebook. Within 15 minutes I had loads of options to choose from - and I ended up finding a great dog walker, who was both kind, loved by my dog and super reliable!

Lesson #2: You can have almost everything delivered to your doorstep At a certain point, we ran out of food. This was not a big problem, as you can order food from the supermarket easily (Tip: new delivery slots are opened every morning, and usually run out by the evening, so you should place your order in the morning). Getting other necessities was also not a big problem. Apparently you can also guide the delivery people to leave your parcels by the door, contactless (in German: bitte vor der Tür lassen).

Lesson #3: Even the most careful people catch Corona The person I was exposed to is a fan of social distancing. He barely leaves his house. He barely meets friends. And still, somehow, magically, he had Corona and several of us had to quarantine. What is the lesson here? For me, its a double lesson: first of all, its more dangerous than we think so we should take good care of ourselves. But also, we should not stop living our lives. So, this is an important balance between living our (social) lives and taking good care of ourselves. Staying healthy and keeping safe.

Lesson #4: Healthy nutrition and an exercise routine will keep you sane You dont move in quarantine. So even if you are not so much into exercising, you should still do a bit of sports, just to move a bit. You can also dance if you feel like it, whatever helps! And eat well please! Healthy, proper food. Its good both for our immune system and for our mental well being.

Lesson #5: Gesundheitsamt is to busy to talk to you, its all about personal responsibility

I would have expected that there will be some sort of monitoring, but surprisingly, nobody talked to me. I was told that my information was forwarded to the health ministry (Gesundheitsamt) and that they will contact me via email and send me a confirmation of quarantine (which I could have needed for work or for something else). but surprisingly - nobody contacted me. Of course, no email arrived.

I was very strict with my quarantine, nonetheless, because I completely understand the reason for which I had to do this. I do not want to spread Corona to other people. I think this is pretty basic, and that public health is worth more than my temporary freedom.

Lesson #6: At the end of the day, walking in the fresh air is one of the nicest things! I didnt mind being in quarantine so much. Honestly, its also not SO different than my daily life in the era of WFH. But when I was allowed to go out - I understood how much I missed the outdoors - and how much my muscles missed walking. Today, more than ever, I believe that walking is essential to our general health. So, quarantine was nice and all - but being out is nicer.

(The first thing I did out of quarantine was to go to LEA, btw :))) )

Lesson #7: Reduce your social contacts

This quarantine had made Corona more real to me. Until now, I did do my best to reduce my contacts, but did more balancing of needs. Now, I understand that the high numbers we hear about in the news mean that any of us can have it. I also understood that we are all in it together.

So all need to do what it takes now. For me, it means keeping as much of my contacts digital, both in order to keep public health and also - for keeping my responsibilities for my clients, who I have to accompany to offices. I take comfort in the fact that this is just temporary - and hopefully will pass soon.

BONUS: The practical side of quarantine:

I guess many of us will have to quarantine soon. Its not as complicated as you think :) You basically just have to stay home for the time period that your doctor tells you to.

You can find more official information (including short videos) here.

Stay healthy and keep safe!!!

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