Image by Roberto Nickson

5 ways to run a smart relocation to Germany

  1.  It´s all about expectations: Moving to a new country can be tricky. Going out of your comfort zone, moving to a place where things are dealt differently and living in a foreign country, whose language you do not understand, can be a bit overwhelming. We recommend preparing candidates for this experience in advance, by, for example, taking the time to talk to them about different aspects of relocation, or sending them relocation guides and materials.

  2. Start processes when your employee is still abroad: As we know, relocation processes often involve visas and work permits, which are often to be applied for in the German embassy abroad. This is already a huge step. However, there are some further actions you can take in order to run the processes efficiently, such as health insurance registration (assuming that your employee would like to go public), finding housing, booking appointments for the different offices in Berlin (such as an Anmeldung-appointment, for example), and sending off materials and information regarding settling in Berlin, so that your candidate can prepare themselves properly.

  3. Consider offering home-search assistance: Housing is one of the biggest challenges for new-comers to Berlin. From an employer´s perspective, employees cannot be on-boarded properly before they have their first apartment (and their first Anmeldung). Many companies offer temporary housing to their candidates for the first couple of months in Germany, which makes the on-boarding process easier. If your company does not offer such a service, you can still direct your employees to temporary housing agencies. The sooner they have an apartment, the easier this whole process is going to be for them.

  4. Support your employees upon their arrival to Germany: Sure, everybody plan their relocation. Nonetheless, arriving can be very overwhelming for some people, especially when it comes to admin. Consider accompanying your employees to their first steps in Germany, such as their Anmeldung-appointment, provide them with materials to help them get settled in on themes such as setting up a bank account, getting a SIM card (internet is very important!) and assist them with their health insurance.

  5. Culture and values: Do what you do best, make your international employees feel welcomed and safe 😊